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Marriage Debate LogoAmid news that gay marriage law is leading to the shutdown of church adoption services, a new gay sex curriculum in elementary schools, and same sex marriages in a few states, it’s time to bring back our exciting Marriage Debate.

We’ve all heard the question, “How does letting gays marry threaten heterosexuals?” The idea behind the question is that same-sex marriage has no real negative consequences.  So, let’s put the matter up to debate:

Q. How Exactly Does Gay Marriage Law Hurt Heterosexuals and Their Families?

Before weighing in with your comments, consider our suggestions below and then have at it. To ensure your comments are posted, keep it clean and focused on the arguments pro or con. (There may be a brief delay while comments are being reviewed and approved.)

MarriageNewsNow! Top Ten Ways Gay Marriage Law Hurts Heterosexuals and their Families

  1. Same-sex marriage law would not stipulate (or even insinuate) that adult partners are agreeing to raise children together; therefore, the all-inclusive same-sex marriage contract leaves heterosexual women and children without essential legal and economic protection against penalty-free spousal abandonment.
  2. Same-sex marriage law would not stipulate that adult partners must stay together for any duration of time; therefore, the all-inclusive same-sex marriage contract places heterosexual spouses and children at grave risk of economic destitution through penalty-free spousal abandonment.
  3. Same-sex marriage law would not severely penalize a spouse who exits the contract; therefore, the all-inclusive same-sex marriage contract offers no legal recourse for the faithful spouse or the children now struggling to survive without the committed help of the departing spouse.
  4. Same sex marriage law would create injustice in adoption services, for gay-couple adoptions institutionalize gender discrimination against one sex and deprive children of the normative right to both a mother and a father as provided in nature.
  5. Same sex marriage law would legally and logically open the door to polygamy, polyamory, polyandry, or to any group of cohabiting individuals that requests “marriage” status and benefits.
  6. Same sex marriage law would be fundamentally unequal, unfair, and unjust, for homosexuals would receive from the state equal benefits as heterosexuals without providing to the state an equal number of new citizens and related caregiving services.
  7. Same sex marriage law leads to gay sex indoctrination of  young children in taxpayer funded public schools.
  8. Same sex marriage law marginalizes and stigmatizes religious groups, and removes the right of religious charities to deliver the services required by their faith communities.
  9. Same sex marriage law would permit self-interested spouses to quit the contract for any reason, potentially causing grave economic harm to responsible faithful spouses.
  10. Same sex marriage law would redefine gay cohabitation as “marriage,” thus destroying the child-oriented, family distinction and culture of marriage which takes great effort to maintain.

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Dawson's Infamous Piltdown Man Paleontological Hoax

Dawson's Infamous Piltdown Man Paleontological Hoax

Writing for the The Jewish State newspaper, Arthur Goldberg and Michelle Cretella make the case that homosexuality has no known genetic links and therefore all who claim gay marriage is a “civil rights issue” are engaging in a dangerous science fiction.

The article offers expert opinion from a medical and legal perspective. Cretella is an M.D. who chairs the Sexuality Committee at the American College of Pediatricians, and Arthur Goldberg is a lawyer and executive secretary of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality.

In support of the claim that homosexuality is neither inborn or immutable, Goldberg and Cretella cite a prominent lesbian professor of developmental biology and gender studies at Brown University, Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling:

[Although the claim that homosexuality is genetic] provides a legal argument that is, at the moment, actually having some sway in court, [f]or me, it’s a very shaky place. It’s bad science and bad politics.

The authors add that “more than 100 scientific studies indicate that change of sexual orientation is possible” and highlight a 2003 study by Dr. Robert Spitzer that found “dissatisfied homosexuals are able to make substantial long-term changes in orientation.”

But aren’t homosexual couples simply looking for the same long-term marriage living as everyone else? Goldberg and Cretella cite homosexual doctors David McWhirter and Andrew Mattison who, after a conducting a study on 156 male couples with a long term commitment, discovered that the average length of monogamy for those males was “under two years.” Goldberg and Cretella find additional support for this non-monogamous-couples experience from gay activist Andrew Sullivan, who claimed that homosexuals “have a need for extramarital outlets,” and lesbian writer Camille Paglia, who said gay magazines openly promote “the bigger bang of sex with strangers” and advocate “monogamy without fidelity.”

Goldberg and Cretella go on to address the health risks of homosexuality, citing  a 1997 International Journal of Epidemiology study which found homosexual males have a life span that is eight to 20 years lower than heterosexual men. After looking at the research, the authors write:

Higher parent mortality and promiscuity increased rates of domestic violence and greater rates of divorce are not healthy for children. Consequently, acceptance of gay marriage requires a disregard for the best interests of children. It follows logically that if marriage is defined merely by “who we love” regardless of what is in the best interest of children, then the government has no right to discriminate against those with other sexual orientations including orientations toward children or animals. This is why advocates of pedophilia, group marriage, bestiality and incest cite gay marriage victories as their own. It is also no coincidence that within 10 years of legalizing same-sex marriage every Scandinavian country legalized polygamy.

The article concludes that due to the grave social and personal costs of the broken family in the U.S., Americans need to strengthen traditional marriage law, not weaken it through spurious legal fictions.

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maineAfter becoming the fifth state to legalize gay marriage on May 6, the State of Maine has seen its citizens rally to stop the law from going into effect. It appears that the new statewide strategy to oppose the redefined marriage law will follow California’s Proposition 8, which successfully amended California’s constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.

(Take action now! Read end of blog entry to learn how you can easily help restore traditional marriage in Maine.)

At the signing of the gay marriage legislation last May, Governor John Baldacci announced that the same-sex statue would likely be challenged, adding that the people would ultimately need to decide the final outcome. “Even as I sign this important legislation into law,” said Baldacci, “I recognize that this may not be the final word…[The Maine constitution] guarantees that the ultimate political power in the State belongs to the people.”

The people of Maine have taken many cues from California’s 2008 strategy for protecting traditional marriage, even hiring Schubert Flint Public Affairs, the powerhouse public relations firm that managed the Proposition 8 campaign and helped win 52 percent of the vote in last November’s California election. The PR firm says it will play a consulting role to Maine’s citizens who seek to preserve historic marriage and family. Polling data suggest that the majority of citizens in Maine oppose same-sex marriage.

The first step in reinstating traditional marriage has been to collect more than 55,000 signatures of registered Maine voters. This so-called “people’s veto” would put the issue on the ballot and prevent same-sex marriage from going into effect in the state. Organizer Marc Mutty, who leads the petition drive, claimed that gay activists have begun bullying citizens and have even stolen signatures from the people of Maine.

Take Action Now!

To help Maine get the required number of signatures by the August 2009 deadline, contact campaign organizers at StandForMarriageMaine.com,  the Maine Marriage Initiative, or the Maine Family Policy Council. Simply send off an e-mail to the Maine Marriage Initiative and ask how you can help. Or visit them at their Facebook page.

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StayAwayThe year 2009 is shaping up to be a tough year for homosexual activism and gay marriage. The newest opponent to join the fight against the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender agenda is, to just about everyone’s surprise, President Obama.

This month, the U.S. Justice Department filed a 54-page brief in Smelt v. U.S. that defended the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), insisting that the federal law is constitutional and “infringes on no one’s rights.”  Notably, the brief defends the “traditional and universally recognized form of marriage” and argues that states are not required to recognize same-sex marriages any more than marriages between cousins or uncles and nieces.

The other blow in Obama’s one-two punch this month was the Administration’s plea to the Supreme Court to dismiss a case involving gays in the military, which succeeded in putting down a challenge to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy established during the Clinton era. gaymilitaryThe Clinton-formulated law allows gays to serve in the military while at the same time making it impossible for sex activists to transform the barracks of our brave military men and women into a public stage for the gay sexual revolution. 

The news reportedly has gay sex promoters up in arms. Joe Solmonese, president of the gay sex group The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), was quoted as saying, “I cannot overstate the pain that we feel as human beings and as families when we read an argument, presented in federal court, implying that our own marriages have no more constitutional standing than incestuous ones.” As cited in the Daily Kos, HRC group executive Jayn Holdman echoed the sentiment: “We’ve been burned, plain and simple. We voted for Clinton in 1992, and he said he’d fix the problem. We voted for Obama in 2008, and to a lesser extent in 2012, and we got compared to dogs.”

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married In a June 15 press release, national LGBT-rights group The Empowering Spirits Foundation (ESF) called upon the worldwide gay-lesbian-other community to immediately cease attacking Carrie Prejean, the People’s Miss California USA.

The ESF, a grassroots San Diego, Calif. organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender normalcy, issued the alert amidst a growing worldwide backlash against homosexual activists like Perez Hilton, Keith Lewis, and others who have repeatedly used intimidation, threats, firings, and attacks on the Prejean family to advance gay rights.

“Demeaning Carrie Prejean or others by using terms such as bigot will not advance our cause of civil rights and social justice,” said A. Latham Staples, executive director of the Empowering Spirits Foundation. “We must not marginalize someone just because they believe differently, as this is the very respect in differing opinion we are asking for from them.”

The ESF’s call for a retreat from demeaning others is, in the minds of many, continued proof that the LGBT movement has been severely damaged by its gay bullying tactics and smear campaigns aimed at Prejean, a fan-favorite beauty queen who continues to rally people of good will everywhere to her cause for traditional marriage.

Unlike the Perez Hiltons of the world, the ESF correctly understands that American citizens like Prejean have the right to express opinions without fear of reprisals and punishment. The organization expressed hope that “both sides can engage in respectful dialogue and come to see similarities rather than differences.”

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Jon & Kate Plus OctoThe nonstop media buzz about “Octomom”  Nadya Suleman’s new TV series and also Jon & Kate’s marital meltdown has created a 16-ring media circus, featuring 16 needy children doing tricks for live audiences–and big ratings.

But unlike most tabloid like coverage, for once this media circus has the right focus: the well-being of children. Whether it’s Octomom’s shocking narcissism or Jon and Kate’s lack of shared commitment to their marriage and kids (see: ‘Jon & Kate sep-a-rate’, and ‘Recap: What a Difference a Week Makes‘), the American public is observing a live demonstration on the necessity of permanent marriage law and mandatory marriage success training—for the sake of protecting children.

The ongoing drama has provided audiences with a media-sponsored morality tale regarding both the high cost and intensive labor involved in raising kids. In the case of Octomom, the moral of the story is that it is virtually impossible to raise kids as a single parent. Numerous state and private child-care agencies have permanently set up camp with Octomom just to make sure her kids live, eat, take medicines, and get a fresh change of diapers. In the case of Jon and Kate Plus 8,  the TLC reality show has given viewers a window into the dangers to children when marriage is focused on the hair, the personal self ambitions, the book tour, the spas, the romance (or lack thereof), the money, the ratings–everything except the kids. It’s no coincidence that, in both of these cases, the parents desperately need TV and book deals just to survive the high cost of raising families. There’s just no getting around the fact that marriage (or the lack of it) has enormous consequences for kids. The headlines say it all:

These reports and countless RSS feeds like them are cosmic proof that marriage is indisputably oriented to the procreation and long-range nurture kids. In addition, humans know instinctually that adults are bad people whenever they place their own personal interests above those of the collective whole of the family. In essence, the train-wreck troubles of Octomom and Jon & Kate Gosselin are round-the-clock PSAs warning of the dangers of broken families, adult-focused marriages, and reckless unwed motherhood. Could there be a more convincing case for mandatory premarital education and immediate marriage law reform, including the repeal of no-fault-divorce laws?

Fortunately, there’s a bright positive to this otherwise negative family meltdown: the babies themselves. They are the heroes of this drama and the force that causes people everywhere to rush in to save them from reckless adult behavior and weak marriage laws. The 16 babies are undoubtedly the most effective campaigners for child-focused marriage (and surely the most articulate spokespersons against legalized abortion as well).

It’s a fitting justice that out of these two very confused situations there should come 16 dynamic poster-children for family-oriented marriages and a new culture of life.

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UncleSam2Uncle Sam needs you to watch the ad below! Do you want public school teachers teaching your children that boys can marry boys? Anti-marriage activists want to pass a same-sex marriage bill in New York by the end of June, and Gov. David A. Paterson has pledged to sign it. The National Organization for Marriage, the family and states-rights group that helped save marriage in California, is once again  sounding the alarm and asking for quick citizen action.

To stop the State from teaching children gay sexuality in elementary school, and to protect children and families from bad marriage law that threatens their economic well being and stability, call 518-455-2800, or e-mail a New York state senator to say you oppose this attack on our families.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, same-sex marriage advocates in New York have spent at least $200,000 on television ads in recent weeks. You can help the National Organization for Marriage fund robo-calls, TV ads, and  even ads on New York’s Times Square electric marquee. Click here to donate to the NOM campaign.

If we act quickly, we can see the California marriage victory repeated in New York. “As New Yorkers are made aware of the consequences of gay marriage, voters are making it clear they reject injecting this divisive culture war issue into New York politics at this time,” said Brian Brown, executive director of NOM.

Watch the ad to see what’s at stake for New York kids and families:

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