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Marriage Debate LogoAmid news that gay marriage law is leading to the shutdown of church adoption services, a new gay sex curriculum in elementary schools, and same sex marriages in a few states, it’s time to bring back our exciting Marriage Debate.

We’ve all heard the question, “How does letting gays marry threaten heterosexuals?” The idea behind the question is that same-sex marriage has no real negative consequences.  So, let’s put the matter up to debate:

Q. How Exactly Does Gay Marriage Law Hurt Heterosexuals and Their Families?

Before weighing in with your comments, consider our suggestions below and then have at it. To ensure your comments are posted, keep it clean and focused on the arguments pro or con. (There may be a brief delay while comments are being reviewed and approved.)

MarriageNewsNow! Top Ten Ways Gay Marriage Law Hurts Heterosexuals and their Families

  1. Same-sex marriage law would not stipulate (or even insinuate) that adult partners are agreeing to raise children together; therefore, the all-inclusive same-sex marriage contract leaves heterosexual women and children without essential legal and economic protection against penalty-free spousal abandonment.
  2. Same-sex marriage law would not stipulate that adult partners must stay together for any duration of time; therefore, the all-inclusive same-sex marriage contract places heterosexual spouses and children at grave risk of economic destitution through penalty-free spousal abandonment.
  3. Same-sex marriage law would not severely penalize a spouse who exits the contract; therefore, the all-inclusive same-sex marriage contract offers no legal recourse for the faithful spouse or the children now struggling to survive without the committed help of the departing spouse.
  4. Same sex marriage law would create injustice in adoption services, for gay-couple adoptions institutionalize gender discrimination against one sex and deprive children of the normative right to both a mother and a father as provided in nature.
  5. Same sex marriage law would legally and logically open the door to polygamy, polyamory, polyandry, or to any group of cohabiting individuals that requests “marriage” status and benefits.
  6. Same sex marriage law would be fundamentally unequal, unfair, and unjust, for homosexuals would receive from the state equal benefits as heterosexuals without providing to the state an equal number of new citizens and related caregiving services.
  7. Same sex marriage law leads to gay sex indoctrination of  young children in taxpayer funded public schools.
  8. Same sex marriage law marginalizes and stigmatizes religious groups, and removes the right of religious charities to deliver the services required by their faith communities.
  9. Same sex marriage law would permit self-interested spouses to quit the contract for any reason, potentially causing grave economic harm to responsible faithful spouses.
  10. Same sex marriage law would redefine gay cohabitation as “marriage,” thus destroying the child-oriented, family distinction and culture of marriage which takes great effort to maintain.

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Heroes of feminism

Imagine a world in which Carrie Prejean is hailed, marriage is properly defined and defended in law, and people treat one another with basic decency and respect.  Now look at the liberal world that smears, attacks, and bullies good people and time-tested life principles. In that hellish world, liberals let loose attack lawyers and media thugs to materially destroy anyone who defends humanity’s greatest institutions, traditions, and people. Culture war is real war.

But Carrie Prejean is a warrior, and liberals fear her for a reason. When people like Prejean stand up and speak out, liberalism crumbles. It is for this reason that liberals plot daily to destroy America’s heroic conservatives by any means necessary. It’s a well funded, multi-billion dollar effort.

Yet here’s reality: so long as good people and organizations rally behind the Prejeans of our society, an entire army of anti-American thugs can’t harm her. There is strength in numbers, in coalitions, and in social networks—these provide an impenetrable shield.

So stand up for Carrie and all those like her who speak out for what’s right. United we stand!

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marriedcoupleFollowers of the same-sex marriage issue were forced to endure another painful round of marriage debates this week, as news commentators  offered empty arguments against traditional marriage (e.g., “the State is unfairly favoring one type of love and attraction over another”) and absurd arguments favoring same-sex marriage (e.g., “one’s gay sexual tastes are analogous to being black or female”). To help erase the bad memories and fuzzy logic, here’s our own  Marriage Debate:

    Q. What are the best arguments in favor of preserving and strengthening traditional marriage laws?

Before posting your answers in the comments box, consider our suggestions below–then have at it. To ensure your comments are posted, keep it clean. (There may be a brief delay while comments are being reviewed and approved.)

    MarriageNewsNow! Top Ten Arguments for Strengthening Traditional Marriage Laws
  1. The State has a definite interest in protecting by law the unique heterosexual union that creates, feeds, nurtures, and educates its massive citizenry from infancy to adulthood.
  2. Children need a long-term stable home that marriage law helps to ensure.
  3. Marriage law protects dependent spouses and children from economic destitution and poverty arising through spousal departure.
  4. Families formed without marriage contracts dissolve easily and repeatedly, leading to high rates of child neglect, abuse, and juvenile delinquency.
  5. Same-sex marriage threatens American democracy via judicial imposition of laws contrary to the democratically determined will of the American people.
  6. Gay marriage law removes basic freedoms with regard to religious ceremonies, the right to conscientious objection, and the right of parents to determine the educational curriculum for their own children.
  7. Legalization of gay marriage threatens constitutional rights of free speech under the guise of “hate speech” censorship laws.
  8. All cultures of human history have recognized marriage as a unique contract between men and women oriented to the long-term project of raising of families.
  9. Gay marriage defies nature’s own design; the parts don’t work that way.
  10. All major religions denounce same-sex marriage as against God and nature.

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gaymarriageThis week has seen a new wave of discussions about marriage law and why it matters in today’s increasingly divided American society.

As Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News and World Report recently noted, marriage defense groups continue to show that gay activists are bent on taking away America’s freedom of speech and religion by making homosexuality a “civil right” and criminalizing those who dissent. Indeed, in 2006, Boston’s top adoption charity was forced to close down due to its child placement requirements, which did not list gay couples as married parents. In Canada, where same-sex marriage is also legal, citizens and religious are being fined and brought before tribunals for refusing to marry gay lovers, and even for expressing disagreement with homosexuality. In the U.K., gay marriage law is forcing churches to hire homosexual youth workers and staff, even if the churches claim homosexuality is deviant sexuality. Pastors and priests in the U.S. can expect similar bullying, intimidation, and threats from homosexual radicals if they continue to designate families as heterosexual by nature. “Denying equality in a public service based on a person’s religious convictions about same-sex marriage would set a dangerous precedent,” said Brian Moulton, chief counsel for gay group the Human Rights Campaign.

On another front, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has emphasized the economic pain to business when a new demographic category is invented and subsequently added to health care coverage, or when a business does not accept homosexuality as marriage and is economically punished by blacklist task forces or through federal mandate. Whatever measures have been used to destroy Miss California for her defense of marriage can and will be used to destroy the reputation of any business that resists gay marriage. For certain, the political-legal climate is  growing increasingly hostile for America’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Yet the greatest reason to halt the redefinition of marriage is the protection of women and children, for it is upon children and dependent spouses that bad marriage law unleashes its most punishing effects. In the 1970s, radical “no-fault divorce” advocates ended the definition of marriage as an indissoluble (permanent) contract between men and women that levies stiff penalties for spousal abandonment, to the benefit of children and dependents. The introduction of easy divorce radically redefined marriage as a temporal contract and resulted in the mass abandonment of spouses and children by adult marriage partners. Gay marriage law further obliterates the purpose of marriage by redefining it as a mere temporal romance contract having nothing whatsoever to do with raising families. With that shift, “marriage” becomes little more than a we-live-together-so-give-us-state-perks agreement. Aside from offering no real protections for families, this radical redefinition of marriage law must logically apply to any two or more individuals who want to live together and receive said state benefits. Strikingly, raising children is a project nowhere to be found in the proposed contractual redefinition, meaning children have less legal protection and standing than ever before.

Without question, redefining legal partnerships changes everything for both the contracted partners and the enterprise being contracted. Redefinition obliterates the original legal stipulations formerly required by the agreement. Sadly, as was historically the case with the redefinition of marriage via no-fault divorce, children have the most to lose from the wholesale removal of family expectations from current marriage law.

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