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Bachelorette Jillian Seeking Trad Marriage (ABC Press Photo)

Bachelorette Jillian Seeking Trad Marriage (ABC Press Photo)

While Wes revealed his boozy inner user after taking truth serum, and Tanner showed off his pervy side in his undies, Bachelorette Jillian Harris demonstrated once again that she’s “in it for the right reasons.”

In this week’s episode of ABC’s Bachelorette, the fashionable Vancouverite said her goodbyes to nice guy Jake and passed up the creepy-yet-irresistible smarm of Tanner’s foot massages and “blessed package.” As always, the graceful Jillian does it with class and with an eye to finding someone truly “fit for marriage.”

During her one-on-one date with Rob—after which she throws the young 25-year-old bartender from the train, quite literally—Ms. Harris says that she’d consider him more seriously if he had five or ten more years on him, noting that she’s ready to start a family.

It’s the insistent focus on children that marks Jillian Harris as this television season’s top spokesperson for traditional marriage. Unlike clueless lost souls Jon & Kate, who apparently think marriage is a commitment for “as long as we both shall love,” Harris knows marriage is about finding a suitable partner who will say “I do” to both her and to their future children at the altar, and provide for the daily care of the tribe for life. In a word, the girl “gets it”: marriage and family are the same word.

What do you think of this season’s Bachelorette Jillian? Will she be smart enough to dump the guitar-strumming Wes as recommended by Bachelorette royalty Trista Sutter? Will she hang on to Kiptyn and never let go? Will she finally figure out the heady but lovable Reid? Watch the YouTube video preview and find out what to expect next week as Jillian’s home-town dates bring the show into the home stretch.


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